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Low Pressure Tanning

Hapro Luxura x10 Sli HPS
High & Low Pressure Sunbed

Hapro has entered a new era of tanning and given this a resonant new name: Luxura X10. Luxury features, the highest comfort, plenty of space and a great tanning result. The X10 is the queen of our fabulous Luxura product range. Undoubtedly eye-catching and breathtaking in its design, this beauty also fulfils every promise! 52 tubes and 4 facial tanners ensure a glamorous tan.

Hapro Luxura x10 Sli HPS High & Low Pressure SunbedThe Benefits

There are times when the barriers of tradition must be transgressed, in order to advance into a whole new dimension. Hapro has entered a new era of tanning and given this a resonant new name: Luxura X10. With its breathtaking exterior, technical qualities and finally with the many extras and refinements, the Luxura X10 has the attributes of a dream sunbed. But this dream is for real!

This sunbed, although classed as a low pressure bed has 4 high pressure facial tanners. This ensures your face has the best possible chance of tanning whilst also keeping skin dryness and aging features to a minimum.

Contour Plus - Optimum relaxation is standard while tanning on the Luxura X10. We enabled this relaxation with thanks to the ergonomic acrylic shields. This feature supports your full body in an ergonomic way. Made by high quality acrylics, ContourPlus offers a strong and hygienic base, which allows optimal tanning in a comfortable position.

Deco Lights - It's amazing what light can do! Whilst the DecoLight feature ensures attractive surroundings during the tanning session, even when the sunbed is on 'stand-by' the superb design is complimented by the tasteful lighting accents.

HPS - HPS stands for High Power System and is the special mirror effect filter which makes the SLi+ or SLi face tanner even more effective. It guarantees the safest, most targeted tanning of the face with direct pigmentation.

SLi - This high-pressure tube with a single connection is X10's specially developed face tanner. SLi+ sparkles like a diamond and produces spectacular tanning results. It is a more comprehensive version of the SLi face tanners incorporated as standard in the Luxura X10.

XL Light - Sun worshippers expect a top-to-toe tan when they come for a session, and that's exactly what they get thanks to the XL Light feature of the Luxura X10. With the maximum tanning surface, there's no need to make concessions.

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